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3 Of the Saddest Country Song’s of All Time

So, I have a confession to make. My partner of 3 years has broken up with me and we are looking at getting a divorce. This is perhaps the all time low of my life. When you marry someone, you never think about the possibility of divorce happening. Especially since, from the time you begin seeing each other everything is often so great and full of life. You think you’re going to spend the rest of your life with that person only to find out after marriage how incompatible the two of you really are.

Since I’m a musician and ardent Country Music Listener, I’ve resorted to my music to help me escape and get through this rough time in my life. It’s the only thing helping me cope with the experience right now. I don’t even know if there is any chance of getting my ex back. But even so, I wanted to make a quite post, to the top 3 songs on my playlist right now that I’ve been listening to on repeat.

I’m sure someone out there can relate to my experience, and knows exactly what I’m going through and why these songs help so much during this terrible breakup of mine.

Anyways, I’m rambling.

Here are the top three songs, I think for any breakup/divorce for either a Man or a Woman.

Blame it on Your Heart – Patty Loveless

Here are also the Chords for this song, courtesy of

You've got a thing or two to learn about me baby
'Cause I ain't taking it no more and I don't mean maybe

You don't know right from wrong

Well the love we had is gone

So blame it on your lying, cheating, cold deadbeating,

Two-timing, double dealing
Mean mistreating, loving heart

Well all I wanted was to be your one and only
And all I ever got from you was being lonely

Now that dream is laid to rest

'Cause you have failed the test

Hey blame it on your lying, cheating, cold deadbeating,

Two-timing, double dealing
Mean mistreating, loving heart

Are you headed for a heartache, oh yeah yeah
Gonna get a bad break, oh yeah
You made a bad mistake, oh yeah
Well, you're never gonna find another love like mine

Someone's gonna do you like you done me honey
And when she does you like she'll do you, it ain't funny

You need some sympathy

But don't be calling me

Hey blame it on your lying, cheating, cold deadbeating

Two-timing, double dealing
Mean mistreating, loving heart

[VERSE 3 X 1]

Hey blame it on your lying, cheating, cold deadbeating,

two-timing, double dealing
Mean mistreating, loving heart

How Am I Doin – Dierks Bentley

Here are the chords again, courtesy of



Its strange to hear your voice
I did not expect
           E Run down
For you to call

Run Down:

You wonder how I'm doin
How I'm holdin up
      B           E
Since you did me wrong


Well how am I doin' since you did what you done to me?
I can't lie I sometimes cry when I think of how it used to be
I keep my friends with me, I stay busy and I don't get much sleep
E                                       B                E
Baby, that's how I'm doin since you did what you done to me

Verse 1:
Well now wait one minute, I

Failed to mention
Those tears I cried, are tears of joy
Cause' it was no fun there

Under your thumb and
Now that we're done I'm
Gettin' right every night

With every single ever-lovin' girl in sight, so

Repeat chorus

Verse 2:
Well when all my friends heard what a
You know what you were they
Took me out on the town
But then I heard our song and
I dance along but
It felt all wrong cause'
She was sweet, she let me lead
She never took her ever-lovin' eyes off me so

Repeat chorus

B                                         A
Well I don't know what you were thinkin'
B                    A
Runnin' round on me
Now you say you're sorry

Well honey I

Last Chorus:
How are you doin' since you did
What you done to me
Girl don't lie you know you cry
Cause' you know how good it used to be
Yeah, tell me does the thought of
Losin' my true love make it hard to sleep, baby
How are you doin' since you did
What you done to me

Yeah how are you doin', now that you know

How I'm doin since you did
          B      E
What you done to me

Picture to Burn – Taylor Swift


And here are the chords for the song, courtesy of Krista on

To summarize, I just found two programs that might be able to help me. One is called “Text Your Ex Back” and the other is called “The Magic of Making Up”. I’ve got nothing to lose. And am going to get both of them to see if either one can give me some kind of insight into making things right again.

Wish me luck!

Free Video Guitar Lesson by Lisa McCormick

Free Video Guitar Lesson

Acoustic Fingerpicking for Beginners Lesson 1a

by Lisa McCormick of


Instructor: Lisa McCormick

Speciality: Acoustic Fingerpicking


This four-step fingerpicking pattern is a powerful building block for fingerstyle guitar.

For this pattern, play the sixth string (Low E) with a downward pluck of your thumb. Next, pluck upwards on the first string (high E string) with your middle finger. Next, pluck downwards on the third string (G string) with your thumb. Lastly, pluck upwards on the second string (B string) with your index finger.

This pattern of four steps constitutes one half measure of music in 4/4 time. The count is: One And Two And. To complete a full measure, simply play the pattern again, with this count: Three And Four And.

Repeat this pattern over and over, trying to maintain a consistent rhythm, and gradually building up your speed.


Q: I see you are using only your thumb, index, and middle fingers? I’ve seen some players use three fingers, plus the thumb. Which is correct?

A: There is no absolute right or wrong to this. You’ll hear opinions on both sides of the aisle. My personal preference is based on the tradition called “Travis Picking” named for guitarist Merle Travis. I personally feel this pattern of finger moves, which uses the thumb twice within the pattern, opens up more rhythmic possibilities as you get into more advanced techniques.



A: The signature “Travis” move is that alternating thumb beat – the fact that your thumb does double-duty, alternating between the bass note, and the third string (or a variation of that) of the guitar. That provides a steady rhythm against which you can then add ornamentations, syncopation, melody, etc. Some students ask why they can’t do these same patterns using three fingers, and the thumb on the bass note only. Technically you may be able to, but in so doing you compromise that steady “thump thump” of the Travis-style thumb beats.

Q: Is it necessary to have long fingernails to play fingerstyle guitar?

A: No. My personal preference is to have long-ish nails on the thumb, index, and middle fingers of my right hand. However, many players prefer to play with short nails. There is a difference in tone when using nails vs. not using nails. With nails, the tone is a bit crisper, without nails, it is a bit more muted. It’s a matter of personal preference.


This lesson is part of a tutorial called Acoustic Fingerpicking for Beginners, Level 1. These lessons were designed to be followed sequentially, with new skills and practice exercises building one upon the next.

The Acoustic Fingerpicking tutorial series also builds sequentially, from Level 1 to Level 2, and so on. If you are new to fingerpicking, this series will take you from the fundamental basics, and all the way through to a solid foundation of fingerpicking skills useful in playing folk and popular music.

You should feel free to proceed at your own pace, and to jump around within the tutorials, as you wish. You may want to return to various lessons from time to time to make sure you are on the right track before moving to more advanced skills.

For over 5000 lessons on every guitar style and technique visit Guitar Tricks.

If you liked the lesson above, here’s another really simple and straightforward lesson from Lisa. In this next lesson, Lisa will teach you how to play “amazing grace” with only 3 chords. Very simple and very easy song to learn. And with Lisas teaching format it should be no problem for you. Check it out!

Basic Guitar Tips For Beginners

Playing the GuitarLearning guitar is not the easiest thing to do. However, anyone can learn, provided they have a guitar, a good guitar course and the will to succeed. Actually there’s one more thing needed: time to practice. As we are all unique human beings, it’s normal that we are different.

This is why some learn new skills easily while others need many years of practice before getting to a level that can be called acceptable. This article is going to give you a few tips to help you make the most out of your guitar lessons, be it you study on your own or with a teacher.

1. One goal at a time

When you learn to play the guitar, it is important that you set small objectives and perform until you master them. For instance, in the beginning, you can set a goal to know 3 or 5 chords very well before you progress to more difficult lessons. Take your time, practice until you achieve your goal, then move on to the next one. Learning in small chunks works better than trying to master everything from the first attempts.

2. There’s no learning without practice

All individuals who strive for performance dedicate a big part of their time to practice their skill. playing the guitar is just like any other skill: the more you practice, the better you become. The opposite is also true. If you ignore your guitar for one month, it will ignore you back for weeks. You need to find time to study and practice every day.

If you have a hard time doing this, check out the video below. It’ll teach you how to put together an effective practice schedule that will get you results fast.

3. Learn from failure

We all fail when we try to learn something new. Just like babies learning how to walk, we fall every now and then. Some of us get discouraged and never stand up to try again. Others learn from the mistakes and move on. How many times have you seen a baby falling and deciding walking is too hard for him, so he’s never going to try again? When you learn how to play the guitar, be just like one of these babies. If you fall, get up and try again. Eventually you are going to succeed and the reward will be much sweeter than if you did everything right from the first attempt.

Last but not least, remember why you want to learn how to play guitar in the first place. You probably want to entertain your friends, to have fun together and to spend your time enjoying the music you make. Don’t forget this. Don’t wait until you get perfect to pick up your guitar and play for your friends. Do it as soon as you master a few things that allow you to produce something that sounds like music. You can find people with the same passion like you and gather together to practice and have fun. You can record a much faster progress if you study and practice in a group. It’s not only about competition but also about cooperation and socializing. Guitar can be an awesome socialization tool, so learn its secrets and enjoy.

The Most Important Tip any New Guitarist Should Know

Important Guitar Training Tips=If you’re a brand new guitar player then there is only 1 tip that anyone could give you that would help you to dramatically see day-and-night results in your playing.

Many new players don’t ever consider how simple this one little tip is and I know for myself, it wasn’t even a thought in my mind until I realized my skill lacked so bad that I needed to find out why.

It turns out that, even though the prospect of being “self-taught” is a very prideful idea to contemplate, if you’re seriously about increasing your skill than you have to let go of that idea and be open and willing to learning how to play the guitar from teachers and coaches who already have the experience you’re after.

The best way to do this, is not by buying those stupid guitar games, or paying a ton of money on a single teacher or coach, or worrying about find the best guitar background tracks for your practice sessions, but paying a little bit of money to learn from HUNDREDS of coaches.

That’s right…the best to learn how to play the guitar nowadays has to do entirely with getting online guitar lessons that are designed in a structured way that will help you improve your guitar playing dramatically.

Why You should Use Online Lessons


Online lessons cost less, you can do them in the comfort of your own house, you don’t have to go anywhere, and you can learn from hundreds of different teachers and coaches. With this vast amount of knowledge, all structured in an easy to understand, progressive manner, is simple the best way to learn for people who need to learn on their own schedule.

Using a teacher involves only one teacher, higher costs, you’ll have to drive somewhere or decide on times and dates when the two of you are available to sit down and that in itself is already a headache.

Online lessons are convenient and can be done on your own time on your own schedule.

So many people have resorted to these types of easy online guitar training and progressed much faster than traditional methods.

You can do a simple google search to get started.
For example, here’s an awesome lesson that will show you a few different things that will make people think you are an excellent guitar player. Super awesome guitar trick stuff so check it out:

Where to Get Online Lessons

Online lessons can be found all over Google and Youtube. But only a few sites offer the kind of structured lessons that will give you the skills that you want to have in the long run. A few sites like guitar tricks, jam play and AxeZen Guitars are among my most favored sites.

You can find a bunch of reviews for both of these online which are both paid sites to make your decision if you want to join.

There are also a handful of good free sites that offer the same kind of lesson structures, except from one teacher alone.

Depending on if you want to learn from one teacher at a time or whether you want to learn a multitude of different styles from the get go JamPlay and Guitar tricks are highly recommended so check them out.